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Sports Medicine


Sports Medicine: Explained

Sports medicine is the medical field that focuses on the treatment and longevity of athletes. Sports medicine differs from other forms of medicine only that it focuses on injuries and ailments as a result of athletics. Most athletic teams will have an athletic trainer who often works with a sports medicine physician to best suit the needs of an athlete.

When Sports Medicine is Needed

The plain and simple truth is that people involved in athletics are those who require professionals that specialize in sports medicine. Athletes and those who exercise put their bodies in a position that would otherwise be atypical to the average person. Because of this there are different concerns to be aware of when treating these patients. Some injuries are very common in sports and uncommon to everyone else, thus a particular physician is required to treat them. For example the average person may not be susceptible to being tackled, but for a football player this occurrence is frequent.

The Sports Medicine Process

While some of the particular concerns of sports medicine doctors may be different, the process is generally the same as any doctor visit. Physicians that work in this field take into account the specific sport or exercise that a patient engages in and treats them accordingly. Many of these doctors also take into account the patient’s desire to return to their respected sport resulting in particular methods of treatment to ensure the longevity of the athlete. Sports medicine doctors often work with a team’s athletic trainer so that they may serve as a liaison when they are not there. Trainers often assist the athlete in their recovery under the guidelines provided by a physician. Sports medicine is medicine practiced by a licensed physician who focuses on the particular concerns of an athlete’s body as they differ from those who do not engage in physical activity.

Other Sports Medicine Services

ACL Reconstruction
Your anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is a ligament inside of your knee which is located near the front (anterior) of the body. ACL reconstruction is the process of repairing the (read more…)

Articular Cartilage Drilling/Microfracture
If you have ever eaten a chicken off the bone you may have noticed a white covering on the ends. This white covering is known as cartilage and its purpose is aiding in the smooth (read more…)

Bankart Repair
In our shoulders there exists a complex network of muscles and tissues. There are numerous types of injuries that our shoulders can sustain. One of the most common of these (read more…)

Diagnostic Arthroscopy
Diagnostic arthroscopy is a surgical procedure typically performed by an orthopedic surgeon. The process involves the use of a small camera attached to a tool similar in appearance (read more…)

Meniscus Repair
Your knee is the joint that connects the two lower bones of your leg, known as the tibia and fibula, to the larger bone in the upper leg known as the femur. Between the bones of the (read more…)

Repair of Detached Labrum
There are two locations on our bodies that are joints classified as ball and socket joints; the shoulder and the hip. The head of particular muscles (humerus and femur in this case) is rounded (read more…)

Rotator Cuff Repair
The rotator cuff is the part of the body where the shoulder and upper arm, known as the humerus, meet. The rotator cuff consists of a network of muscles and tendons that connect (read more…)

Subacromial Decompression
The acromion is the bone in your shoulder that the collarbone attaches to. It is easily noticed as the bump at the top part of your shoulder. Underneath your acromion lies a (read more…)

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